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hello. i've been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for years. i've always been naturally skinny all my life. however, once i arrived to college, my ed took over my life. right now, i understand that i am at a very healthy weight, but i am always fighting with myself. i don't need your support. i just need for someone to understand. ask.

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Fuck. I just did a 15 minute bread and butter binge. Time to “shower”.

Seriously? A banana, apple, walnuts and croissant? Was that necessary?

Why is it when I feed my body, hours later I’m starving? But on the days I fast, I don’t feel hunger pangs as much.

Had a kale salad from Whole Foods. I want it to pass through me ASAP.

The only thing I had today.
P.S. 117 on the scale! :)

The only thing I had today.

P.S. 117 on the scale! :)

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I should just go back to not eating. Pasta, bread, oatmeal…all of it just purged it out of my system while I was in the shower. It’s such a waste and it’s definitely not healthy to be eating that much so quickly.

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